Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Thinking Fan's Guide to Avoiding Fox Sports

Leaving out the truism "no one cares about your blog", let's start with the obvious.

1. Real baseball is over and only losers and mouth-breathers care about the round-robin silliness currently being played.

2. Any devoted baseball fan would be knee deep in what-if analysis for winter roster building.

To sum up, we have six starting pitchers, no established closer, no first baseman, question marks at 2B and the OF corners, and Chipper looks really old all of a sudden. What to do? What to do?

Matt Diaz? Real deal starting OF at the ML level or do we need to keep Church around as a LH caddy?

Jordan Schafer or Jason Heyward out of spring?

Re-sign LaRoche for 3/25?

Make a run at Holliday or Bay (dropping Hudson's option, obviously)?

If Wren manages to trade Lowe's last three years is he the best manager in all of baseball?

Inquring minds...