Friday, December 23, 2016

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

BBTF Softball 2013, Part 3

Until such time as I feel witty again, make up your own captions.

Hit and run, boys. It's a simple game.

Running is foreign to us.
The same two photos, as one. MAGIC!
Putting Hutcheson at SS was a bad idea.
Where's the base?!
It's not that I'm evil, it's just that I believe in traditional base placement values. 
This play would have been better if Karl had dropped the hammer on him. 
And somehow we're back to the set of Lassus' HR. 
You never really think about cartilage until it's gone.
Hugs at second. 
There's no crawling in baseball. 
Trust the arm.
Trust the arm.

Trust the arm.

Trust. The. Arm.
He was totally out. 
Good contact.
Bad contact.
Inappropriate contact.
The guy in blue on the other field is actually a tax collector.

BBTF Softball 2013, Part 2

More shots of action and carnage...

You should probably pick that up...
Wherein Edmundo earns the title "Brooks"
Not a bad swing for a choirboy.
One of these people was a Major Leaguer.
The other two are winded from standing upright.
The problems with this swing are legion...
Posing is hard work!
"How hard is it to throw the ball to my glove and not my knees?!"
At least we were entertaining.
Edmundo taunts the gods of bad knees.
At this exact moment Shooty is thinking "what would a valid
transfer fee for Erik Lamela actually be?" 
He loves it when you call him Big Papi.
Hey, is that Ariana Huffington in the RF stands?!
I may not be super fast, but I'm faster than these old turds. 
Hysterical and rally time!
We got something working here....

Snared on the hot corner!  
What are you doing trying to advance?! 
"Fall down play dead" will not help you, sir. 
Seriously, have you ever even watched this game before? 
No, seriously? We're back in the field because of that?!
Do not test my arm, RB.
I am Karl! From New York!! You shall not field my hits!   
Okay, maybe comparatively speaking to the center fielder you were "hustling."
Seriously. "Slanted and Enchanted" is by far the best Pavement album, dude.
I'm telling you, it's obviously Crooked Rain!!
Red Kross rules!
"I should have worn real shoes."