Wednesday, August 21, 2013

BBTF Softball 2013, Part 3

Until such time as I feel witty again, make up your own captions.

Hit and run, boys. It's a simple game.

Running is foreign to us.
The same two photos, as one. MAGIC!
Putting Hutcheson at SS was a bad idea.
Where's the base?!
It's not that I'm evil, it's just that I believe in traditional base placement values. 
This play would have been better if Karl had dropped the hammer on him. 
And somehow we're back to the set of Lassus' HR. 
You never really think about cartilage until it's gone.
Hugs at second. 
There's no crawling in baseball. 
Trust the arm.
Trust the arm.

Trust the arm.

Trust. The. Arm.
He was totally out. 
Good contact.
Bad contact.
Inappropriate contact.
The guy in blue on the other field is actually a tax collector.

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