Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Where to sit at Turner Field

This is a public service announcement. This is only a public service announcement.

This is Turner Field:

The main gates to Turner Field are located on the north side of the stadium, leading into the plaza that abuts the outfield pavillion seats. Secondary gates are located along the north-eastern and north-western facades.

The best seats are located in the red (Dugout Level) or black (Field Level or Pavillion Level.) Ticket prices increase as you move closer to home plate.

Any seat in the lower levels along the 1B or 3B lines will have perfect sight lines of the field of play. Sections 108-107 (around the curve of home plate) are protected by netting. This can slightly obscure views if you're *really* into perfect sight lines.

Seats in the outfield Pavillion areas are slightly blocked by the "moat" that separates the field of play (and the OF wall) from the stands. The moat is about three feet wide and prevents yahoos from interfering with the games. Yankee Stadium could have taken the hint.

Seats in the terrace and club levels provide shade. This is not to be scoffed upon during Georgian summers.

Seats in the upper decks are cheap for a reason. You're WAY far away from the baseball up there.

The best seats for the buck, IMHO, are in the outfield Pavilion. I will not tell you the precise section number, for fear that you will buy my seats. That would be sad and make me cry.

Parking, should you drive, is available in multiple lots to the north and east of the stadium. There are smaller, non-official lots to the south and west of the stadium, but the further you go in that direction, the more likely it is that your stereo will not be waiting for you when you return.

This has been a public service announcement.