Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Divination in the time of cholera

What's a gaming system without an expansion pack? Nothing, I tell you. Nothing! Just think of how quickly you'd get bored if all you ever did was wander around slaughtering kobolds all day. (The kobolds are not unlike the Irish that way.)

Previously on Buffy we defined our dice-based text selection algorithm, to no small applause from the audience. Today we proudly announce our first expansion pack, in which we add a couple more rolls - dude, just roll the dice a couple more times and sort it out; this ain't rocket surgery - and move past mere text selection straight on into full-fledged bibliomancy.

Bibliomancy. Oh Christ, look it up. Wiki is your friend.

Unable as we are to settle a singular "holy text" we have set our divinatory range to include the entire library. Initial rolls to select a given text for a given day are identical to previously-on-Buffy text selection. Once a text is chosen - or chooses us... MWHUHHAHAHAHA!!! Um...

Once a text is chosen, another set of multiple 20-sides choose a page, and a 6-, 8- or 12-side selects a paragraph. As required, one can add a final roll for sentence if so desired.

Today's Random Koan of Destiny comes from...

Zone 4 (Philosophy & and other hubristic texts), Shelf 3, Book 44 (The Pig That Wants To Be Eaten - 100 Experiments For The Armchair Philosopher), page 38, paragraph 6. (Beginning the count at the first full paragraphs actually takes us to the first paragraph of page 39, which is just fine by me. The Lord works in mysterious ways, and so apparently do my dice.)
"So when Mary sees colour for the first time, the world will appear a new way for her. But is it true to say she will know anything new about it? It may seem natural to say she now 'knows' what red looks like. But sometimes our ordinary ways of talking can blind us to the subtler distinctions a philosopher should take care to make."
Initial Cogitations and Ruminations:
  1. Damn, this might actually be functional! I'm a genius.
  2. Squid's First Axiom (The Document of POPGUN; self-published 1997) - "Subtlety is overrated."
  3. Sam's First Corallary to Squid's First Axiom (POPGUN Hadith and Commentaries, unpublished) - "Brutality is it's own reward."

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