Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ask the things we shouldn't miss
Tape hiss and the modern man
Cold war and card catalogs
To come and join us if they can

The simple fact of the matter is this; I hate modernity. At heart, I am a pre-modern man with a post-modern education. The upper edges of my monkey brain are trained to ignore modernity as a barbaric throw-back to medieval stupidity. My reptile brain asks, without fail, of every situation presented to it, "What would Achilles do?" All of the strum und drang between and betwixt is a sad attempt to balance these two primal, functional impulses in some way. So there you have it. My brain is a teeter-totter desperately seeking to balance the yin of Homer with the Yang of Delueze and Guittari, on the fulcrum of the Enlightenment.


Fuck you.

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