Sunday, August 18, 2013

BBTF Softball 2013

BBTF Softball - Central Park, NYC, Aug 17 2013
The gauntlet is thrown, Chicago...
Top: Obo (Rob), Doris from Rego Park, Edmundo, JE (Jason Epstein), Bob Tufts, Rickey (Sam Hutcheson), snapper (Arthur), RB (Richard), Karl from NY (uh, Karl, from New York), catomi01, Ray DiPerna.

Bottom: unnamed friend of McCoy, McCoy (Sean), Dock Ellis, billyshears, Lassus (Tim), How to lose a guy in Jemile Weeks (Mike), Blastin (Justin), Hysterical & Useless, Shooty (Chad).

Folks with no parenthetical names can be assumed to have been called "Mike."

UPDATED! (now with action shots)
UPDATED AGAIN! (more action shots)

Lassus and Shooty discuss exactly how far apart infielders should play.
Shooty helpfully walks a young fan through the infield fly rule.
Doris From Rego Park waits on an offspeed pitch...
Gets the front foot down... Weight shift may be a little early...
But he stays back and drives it oppo!
Lassus, not so much with the staying back.
More with the Andruw Jones flailing at a slider away.
Yet somehow he's on third. Hutcheson with RBI single.
Fundamental baseball, kids. Get 'em on, run until they tag you,
poke a weak single up the middle...
Hutcheson jogs casually to first while Lassus scores the run.
(Hey, if you want more you-centric action shots, bring your own
personal photographer!)
In non-Lassus related news, Jemile Weeks cheers Snapper for
being able to stand on first and wait for a throw...
...that never comes. While Lassus legs out a round tripper.
(Official scoring: 2B with a two base error.)
Jemile in full stride, rounding the bag at 2B.
Lassus, Shooty and billyshears converge on a pop-up near 2B.
Karl From NY (not pictured) was safe at 1B on the play.
One more group shot for posterity...
And then "where's the beer?!"
(billyshears wants to know if you're looking at him?! Blastin'
just wants to get out of the sun after running 17+ miles prior
to the game.)
No, seriously. Where's the beer?
More later arriving shots:

Bob Tufts ends his motion with perfect defensive form. Hutcheson
seems flatfooted at 2B, perhaps stunned that McCoy hit the ball.
The lefty RB grounds into the force but beats the relay to first.
But Doris From Rego Park picks him up with the poke to RF.
Run, Doris! Run!
Four defenders moving on the play. No outs recorded.
And the runner takes third on the throw!
Rounds the bag...  (Might have considered a 3B coach there.)
Later, Epstein faces down Tufts. Surprisingly, he swings righty...


Charlie Bennett said...

Looks like a bunch of dewshes.

Sam said...

We are what they thought we were!